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Puppies For Sale

Currently we only 1 puppy for sale. The parents of the one we have now is Redneck Bubba and Sissy. If you are interested please call 918-652-4918 or you can email us at

Here is the pic of the puppy we have for sale

I still need a home! I am a cute little female with the greatest personality. I love to play and have a way with acting silly!

This is a female

We pride ourselves at producing some of the best puppies you can find! We will ship puppies however the price of shipping will be added to the cost of the puppies! The female we currently have is out of Bubba and Sissy and we are asking $500.00 for her.

This is Griffin's Belle Starr she is now living with my nephew....we miss her she had this litter last year and she produced some very nice puppies that you will get to see in weight pull soon. I have had reports that her pups are ranging from 65-85lbs and they are only 7 months old right now  looks like their going to be big dogs!


This is a male


Heres Missy's Miracle Babies!

Were sorry to report that Missy had complications with her litter she only had two viable pups and the other 2 did not make it. We unfortunitely had to have her spayed so no future litters out of Missy will be available.


Also the two pups she did have will not be for sale. We still love her and she is still the sweetest dog ever and were happy she came through it!

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